"It's better if you don't understand; just read and have a good time".


jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

And love and has finally shown her my way.

Forever can never be long enough for me, feel like I've had long enough with you. Together can never be close enough for me, feel like I am close enough to you.
Marry me, today and every day, marry me.
Promise me you'll always be happy by my side, I promise to sing to you when all the music dies.
 Marry me, today and every day, marry me.

Talking to the Moon.

I'm feeling like I'm famous, the talk of the town, they say I've gone mad, yeah, I've gone mad, but they don't know what I know.

In hopes you're on the other side, talking to me too, or am I a fool who sits alone, talking to the moon.
Talking to me too.

martes, 1 de noviembre de 2011

I'm here.

I see nobody by your side but I’m with you when you re all alone.

Una vita.

Una vida no es suficiente para comprender quién eres,
una vita non basta per capire chi sei.


By the time you hear this I’ll probably already be outtie.

Acción, reacción

Acción, reacción. Puede que por cada cosa que pase reaccionemos de distintas maneras, pero en muchas de ellas, paramos, respiramos y pensamos en nosotros y en lo que nos rodea, entonces la reacción cambia. Es nuestra reacción.